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Why NinjaZone is the Perfect Outlet for Your Active Child

Lil Ninja flexing his muscles during a NinjaZone class At Wright's Gymnastics & NinjaZone!

Many parents struggle to find activities for active children to enjoy and provide a positive outlet for their energy. If you have an active child who constantly bounces (possibly literally) off the walls, then NinjaZone is the perfect outlet for their boundless energy.

As a fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, parkour, and tricking, NinjaZone offers an exciting and dynamic environment where kids can channel their energy safely. NinjaZone classes provide a comprehensive physical and character development approach, including building confidence, trying new things, and embracing challenges. 

At home, you may notice signs of an active child who is constantly on the move. They are likely drawn to climbing on furniture, jumping off surfaces, and engaging in imaginative play that involves physical activity. These behaviors indicate a child who craves movement and stimulation, making them an ideal candidate for NinjaZone classes. By providing an outlet for their energy in a controlled setting, NinjaZone helps channel their natural inclinations into productive and beneficial activities.

Ninjas are responsible, agile, respectful, and just plain cool! Our NinjaZone classes give the freedom for kids to progress and learn at their own pace. We created NinjaZone for kids who want to flip, twist, run, jump, and play (that's pretty much all kids, right?!). And want to hear something even more cool? We're not alone in this mission. Over 300 gyms worldwide have embraced our NinjaZone curriculum, transforming lives in cities everywhere!

NinjaZone is a way for kids to learn discipline, but also have a ton of fun at the same time. We have hired some amazing role models who will push your kids to be respectful and dedicated, but who will also show them how to turn themselves upside-down (and yes, even fall) safely. It's not an easy program by any means, and we encourage kids to take it at their own pace. Many of our athletes use NinjaZone class as a way to cross-train, while their other sport is in the 'off-season." Every NinjaZone class is different, but what remains the same is the components of the class: agility, coordination, speed, and most importantly: FUN.

In addition to physical benefits, NinjaZone promotes character development and emotional growth. By encouraging children to try new things, take risks, and embrace challenges, NinjaZone helps build confidence and self-esteem. These valuable life skills can carry over into other areas of a child's life, including academics, social interactions, and personal relationships. 

Whether your child is a natural athlete or simply looking for a fun and engaging way to stay active, NinjaZone is the perfect outlet for their boundless energy.

Not a member yet? Check out our NinjaZone classes today!

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