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Our FUNdamentals program is like NO OTHER. Learn with friends, progress at your own pace, and reach your potential YOUR way. Gymnastics is coordination and confidence for life!


Our FUNdamentals School Age Gymnastics Program gives kids what every adult wishes they had – boundless coordination and confidence. Our mission is simple: strong minds, strong muscles... well-rounded kids! Not just for now, but forever. Our FUNdamentals School Age Gymnastics Program builds the athletic intelligence needed to excel in any sport or fitness program, and it provides children with acute body awareness that serves to keep them safe.

We understand that kids learn and grow with their peers. We have a 10-level system that is based on each child’s individual skill development, but it has to FUN, FIRST. So, they’ll learn alongside kids their age, just like in school. We believe sports specialization too young can be harmful. Our FUNdamentals program allows kids to take a seasonal approach to gymnastics, while constantly improving. Our Wright's students are encouraged to perform, compete, and achieve a high level of skill, without a strenuous time commitment.

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Gymnastics builds the physical and athletic intelligence to excel in any sport or fitness program, and body awareness to keep you safe.

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How are we different?
Kids learn and grow with their peers, and we want to support that. We have a 10-level system that is based on each child’s individual skill development. The difference is that with Wright's, we put FUN FIRST! Students will learn alongside kids their age, just like in school. We believe sports specialization too young can be harmful to kids. Our FUNdamentals program allows students to take a seasonal approach to gymnastics, which cultivates an environment that encourages them to grow. They will be able to witness how they can push themselves to really excel. Our FUNdamentals kids perform, compete, and achieve a high level of skill, without a demanding time commitment.

50 Minute Class

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What is a Move Up Meet?

A Move Up Meet is for the advancement of gymnasts in our FUNdamentals Program to move up to the next level i.e. level 1 to level 2, level 4 to level 5, etc. When gymnasts are ready to move to the next level, coaches will invite them to attend via email or invitation card. Meets will be scheduled monthly or bi-monthly. When you enroll your child in FUNdamentals, we'd like you to commit to participating in the Move Up Meets.

We believe this event can make a huge impact on a child's confidence and work ethic. At their Meet, gymnasts will be evaluated on mastery of their gymnastics skills and their developmental skills. Gymnasts are only invited to a Meet when they are ready to move up, and sometimes, their performance during the Meet does not qualify them to move up. This is an opportunity for gymnasts to see failure as an opportunity to grow and to try even harder to reach their goals! The focus of Move Up Meets should be on hard work, rather than pure talent. We also see this as a chance for our parents to speak to their children about the possibility of not moving up, and what that outcome may look like. Those students who do move up will be awarded a certificate of level completion and the colored band for the next level. This is a time for celebration and learning! In the event that you decide not to participate, please let us know 7 days before the event. If we do not hear from you by then, your card will be charged $20 and you will receive a time slot via email. If you cannot attend the event due to a scheduling conflict, we will do our best to arrange a time for your child to move up during their regularly scheduled class time.

What else do I need to know?

It is important to remember that while a gymnast may be ready and invited to perform at a Move Up Meet, s/he may not successfully complete their skills during the ceremony and therefore will not receive their certificate of achievement and new level band. This promotes rewarding hard work and not merely participation. They will continue to be invited to the next ceremonies until they level up. Thus also rewarding determination and resiliency.

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How do they move up?

The FUNdamentals Progress Path ensures that once a student completes the necessary skills for their level, they are invited to exhibit their skills during a Move Up Meet, thus allowing them to advance to the next level and earn a new color band. Our goal is to get every child to a Level 6, where the developmental outcomes they establish up to that point are imperative for gymnastics for life! At this point, they will have a profound amount of muscle memory and body awareness, and coordination to pick up just about anything. Whether it be tennis, yoga, or general safety – it’s in them for life.

FUNdamentals Championship



Giving our gymnasts the opportunity to show off their skills and compete in our rec league is a dream realized! With the roll out of our new FUNdamentals level system this past year, we are finally ready to make this dream a reality. Your Gymnast is invited to compete!

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