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What we believe

Wright’s is more than just a gym. Around here, walls are made to scale, not obstruct our path. Wright’s was created to set kids FREE!


At Wright’s, success is not defined by titles, trophy cases, or medals. Here, success is a mindset. A willingness to try, to believe in yourself, to commit to your goals, and to celebrate the journey. 

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Inside these walls, we nurture a growth mindset and teach our kids that they can do hard things. We celebrate effort over results and progress over perfection. We believe that training the whole child and reinforcing the interconnectivity of mind and body is the key to lasting, life-changing success.

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Under this roof, kids are encouraged to exercise their right to move freely. To run and jump, kick and punch, and swing, as far and high as their bodies will carry them. To not only believe they can achieve their goals but to have the confidence to pursue them. We believe kids are meant to be kids.

At Wright’s, our forward-thinking mentality is aimed to prepare kids for any challenge life throws their way. When put to the test, we are assured that Wright’s kids will

 pass with flying colors.

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