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Rise and Shine: Download the free morning routine chart to set the stage for success

Lil ninja enjoying her morning routine
Good morning from Wright's Gymnastics & NinjaZone

At Wright's Gymnastics & NinjaZone, we understand the importance of starting the day off right. A well-established morning routine sets the tone for a successful day and plays a crucial role in getting your little one to school on time with minimal stress.

Consistency is key with morning routines, and we believe in empowering children to take an active role in their morning rituals. Don't forget to grab your morning routine chart below!

Plan outfits the night before to ensure a smooth morning. By laying out clothes in advance, you eliminate the morning scramble and guarantee your child is dressed and ready to go without any last-minute surprises. At Wright's, we suggest that parents involve their children in this process by allowing them to choose their clothes. You can present two options to simplify decisions while promoting independence and self-expression.

Empower instead of power struggles

Allowing your child to choose their clothes promotes independence, decision-making skills, and self-confidence. If your child wears a uniform like our preschoolers at Kids 360° Early Learning Academy, children can personalize their outfits with different colored shirts. Empowering your child to express their preferences and make choices, sets a positive tone for the day ahead and reduces potential battles over clothing choices.

Morning routine chart

To further support a smooth morning, we recommend using a visual morning routine chart. This simple yet effective tool provides a visual roadmap for your child to follow, helping them stay on track and complete tasks independently. From brushing teeth to packing their backpack, a visual morning routine chart provides a clear sequence of steps for your child to follow, promoting autonomy and reducing parental reminders.

Download the chart here!

Structure is key

At Wright's, we recognize the importance of routine and structure in a child's life. Research shows that children thrive in environments where routines are consistent and predictable. A well-established morning routine helps children feel secure and confident while setting them up for a successful day. Additionally, your little one must get the right amount of sleep to wake up happy and ready to tackle the day ahead. Is your little one getting enough sleep? Find out here by comparing their recommended amount of sleep to their age.

We know mornings are tough with little ones, and we're all about making it easier for parents.

Do this for an easier morning

  • Plan the outfit the night before

  • Involve your child in decision-making

  • Use visual cues

  • Establish a consistent routine

Easier mornings lead to happier days and help your gymnast, ninja, or dancer excel throughout the day. Not a member? Check out Sweet Peas, Studio360, or a Lil Ninja class today!

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