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Getting into a Growth Mindset with Kids

Wright's jump growth mindset

We talk about this idea of 'Growth Mindset' a lot at Wright's. With our kids, parents, and even ourselves. Well, especially ourselves. If we don't start the example of a Growth Mindset, how can we expect our students will understand?

Is this all gibberish to you? No worries, check out this graphic -

Growth & Fixed Mindset Characteristics Train Ugly

More information can be found by watching a video on the site we found this graphic - and we highly recommend you take the 10 minutes and educate yourself!

Having a Growth Mindset is everything that it takes to succeed in this world! It's the glass-half-full approach that our children need to understand for the earliest of stages so they can conquer obstacles as opportunities and embrace the effort it takes to accomplish their dreams.

Here's a wonderful video to show your children to explain this concept -

Now get on your way to embracing this day with a positive growth mindset!

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