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Enroll in the full dance session up front and receive a 10% discount! (September through May tuition) Please contact Central Office at 317-888-4805 to get the offer!

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Dance not only provides an excellent outlet for physical energy but also allows children to tap into their creativity at a very young age. Our School-Age Dance program builds the body-mind connection needed to excel in any athletic program. Our classes are split by age, rather than level, to allow dancers to be with their peers, regardless of their dance abilities. Studio360° dance classes encourage both gross and fine motor skills while allowing for free movement to continue to develop the creative instincts in each dancer.

Our Preschool Dance program located in Westfield, Indiana encourages coordination while boosting confidence and creativity. Preschool Dance is a great way to introduce learning through creative movement. Dance allows both sides of the brain to engage, as children must follow steps and directions while utilizing their creativity and interpreting the music.

Dance Classes in Westfield, Indiana

Studio360° Dance Classes in Westfield, Indiana offers classes for kids of all ages in the styles of ballet, tap, and hip-hop. Studio360° provides the technical foundation needed to pursue more competitive dance or continue to develop skills that will enhance a student's performance in any sport or performing art.

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Self-expression and creativity don’t end in class at Studio360°. Unlike other dance programs, our facility offers an additional 60 minutes a week in the gym; time to learn how to use the equipment, work with gymnastics coaches and further explore their young athleticism. Each Studio360° student can schedule a weekly FUNtime Open Play session through the iClass portal free of charge. The value is $60 a month, but the fun on their face is, as you know, priceless!


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5:30pm - 7:00pm

this will be an opportunity to see the studios, experience mini classes for preschool ballet and school age hip hop, have an all ages dance party, meet the dance director, face paint and sign up for classes.


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Great Dance Options for All

Both School-Age and Preschool Dance are offered in various styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Acro as well as combo classes that allow each dancer to find the style that best fits.

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(317) 888-4805

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