Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about using the iClass app?

What should my child wear for class?

Wright’s Dress Code: Please wear a leotard, spandex shorts are allowed (or a fitted, athletic tank and spandex shorts/leggings). Loose t-shirts, loose shorts/pants, bra tops, bare midriffs, and jeans are not permitted. Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail and no jewelry. Barefoot is permitted. For our FUNdamentals Gymnasts with level bracelets, wearing the bracelet each class is required.*

For our NinjaZone Dress Code – Click Here

Why is the Wright’s Dress Code Required?

Wright’s is here for the whole child. Body, mind, and spirit – which all mix together to create character and values. When a Gymnast is given the responsibility to wear appropriate attire, pull back their hair, and care for and wear their level bracelet, they are learning the importance of discipline and being a part of a team. This is an essential first step in what children gain through the sport of Gymnastics.

The bracelet is also a requirement because they allow for Coaches to quickly know which level a Gymnast has achieved and what skills they should be learning.

Lastly, a student’s apparel is very important to ensure safety. Specific items of clothing are worn to avoid snags or injury.

We missed a class! Can we come at another time?

YES! We allow ONE makeup per month, but we do need to schedule it ahead of time to ensure there is space in the class! You can call our office or go online to schedule your makeup! Makeups are based upon availability and can be taken in another class at the same level or below your regular enrollment. Please note that our tuition is based on FIFTY weeks in the year. Spring and winter breaks are built into our calendar, and tuition is then broken down into monthly increments. We are not able to schedule makeups for those two weeks we are closed for classes.

How will I know if the gym is closed for weather, holidays, or any other reason?

If we have a last-minute closing due to weather or any other reason, we will immediately send emails or make phone calls. We will also update our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Any scheduled closings, such as holidays, are posted on our website and social media and on signs in our gym. As always, we want our families to be safe, so we ask that you make the final decision about traveling to a class in questionable weather. We can schedule a makeup for that day, as well as for any single day we are closed for holidays or other events.

May I stay to watch my child in class? Can I leave if I have an errand to do?

We are currently taking extra precautions to keep your kids safe in our gyms. We are encouraging that parents of school-aged children stay in their car and utilize our curbside drop off. If you do decide to enter the gym, face coverings are required for all adults in the building. Please send your child with his/her own water bottle clearly labeled with his/her name. For more detailed information about our safety procedures, please click here.

I need to take a break from classes. What should I do?

We require a two-month commitment from our new families so that we can show you our entire program. After that, we ask that you inform our office by phone (317-888-4805) or email by the 15th of the previous month so we can stop charges from happening for the following month. For example, if your student will not be attending class in July, you will inform us by June 15th that they will need to take a break. When you’re ready to return to classes, give us a call to see about available openings!

How do I keep up on the latest with the gym?

We would love for you to follow our social media pages for important info, updates, alerts, contests, photos, and FUN!!!!

My child is enrolled in class! What’s included?

Monthly tuition includes one class per week and one FUNtime per week using the current free promo code. We would also love to encourage you to attend any of our Open Gyms!  Open Gyms are $10 each.  Pre-registration is required for all FUNtimes and Open Gyms.  

Geist:  Monthly tuition includes one class per week and unlimited Challenge Sessions (FUNtimes) per week using the current free promo code. We would also love to encourage you to attend any of our Open Gyms!  Open Gyms are $10 each.  Pre-registration is required for all Challenge Sessions and Open Gyms

How far in advance can I register for classes?

You may enroll in a class up to two weeks before your start date. You may be on a waitlist prior to that time if you know you would like to plan to be in a specific class. You may join a class at any time of the month, and we will prorate the first month only. We ask for a two-month commitment for new students.

I’m enrolled! Now what?

Welcome to our family! You are now ready to enjoy one FREE FUNtime every week (non-transferrable) with your enrollment! When you download our iClassPro mobile app, you will be able to schedule classes, camps, parents night out, parties, and more! You can even approve waivers, enter payment information, pay balances, change family information, and see our latest news & happenings! You can also access all of this through our parent portal at!

How and when do I pay for classes?

We require a credit card on file for autopay. You will be charged on the 25th of the month for the following month’s tuition. Payment, in full, is required in order to maintain enrollment in a class. If you start class in the middle of the month, we will prorate the cost for you. We would appreciate it if you could update your card when necessary (i.e. new cards, expired cards, identity theft, new address, etc.)

I missed a class! What can I do?

We feel that consistent class attendance is very important to the development of our students, but we realize life gets in the way! If you must miss a class, we will offer a limited number of makeup tokens (up to 4 per year) on your child’s level. These are applied to your account following a missed class. Please submit your request via the Customer Portal, contact, or give us a call at 317-888-4805. Makeups are a courtesy and are not guaranteed. However, we always do our best to find an open spot in a class for your student.

How/when does my child move up?

All children move at an individual pace. Our highly qualified staff is always monitoring and recording your child’s progress. Your child’s Instructor will contact you when your child is ready for the next level. Our priority is your child’s safety, enjoyment, and success!

View our Path to Progress for recreational gymnastics.

How will I know if the gym is closed for weather, holidays, or any other reason?

Last minute closures are communicated through a combination of texts, emails, and social media. Any scheduled closings, such as holidays, are posted on our website and app, on social media, and on signs in our gym. One week in the spring, the week of July 4th, and one week in December our gym is closed for breaks. These weeks are built into our tuition calendar, and you will not need to schedule a makeup for these days.

Can I adjust my days if it’s not what your schedule suggests?

Yes, you can!  You can either choose to do the daily rate or you can pick and choose days depending on your child’s e-learning schedule.

$5 Trial Class

All locations offer $5 trial classes (must pay by CC prior to attending). 

Can I bring them before 8:00 am?

Unfortunately, no. Our day starts at 8:00 am and goes until 5:30 pm. You are welcome to drop them off and pick them up anytime between 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.

What is the class size?

Our goal is to keep an 8:1 student-instructor ratio.  Far smaller ratios that you would see in the classroom!

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