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Wright's FUNdamentals School Age Gymnastics

Our company’s mission is to KEEP KIDS MOVING. Not just now, forever. Our FUNdamentals School Age Gymnastics Program gives kids what every adult wishes they had – Coordination and Confidence. If you were a gymnast, you already know this. Gymnastics builds the physical and athletic intelligence to excel in any sport or fitness program, and body awareness to keep you safe. What makes us different?
  1. Kids learn and grow with their peers. We have a 10 level system that is based on each child’s individual skill development, but it has to FUN FIRST. So, they’ll learn alongside kids their age, just like in school.
  2. We believe sport specialization too young is harmful. Our FUNdamentals program allows kids to take a seasonal approach to gymnastics and continue to get better.
  3. They can perform, compete, and achieve a high level of skill without a ridiculous time commitment.

How do they move up?

The FUNdamentals Progress Path ensures that once a student completes the necessary skills for their level, they are invited to exhibit their skills during a Move Up Mission, thus allowing them to advance to the next level and earn a new color band. Our goal is to get every child to a Level 6, where the developmental outcomes they establish up to that point are imperative for gymnastics for life! At this point, they will have a profound amount of muscle memory and body awareness, and coordination to pick up just about anything. Whether it be tennis, yoga, or general safety – it’s in them for life.

Move Up Mission Invite

What is a Move Up Mission?

Students will be invited to a Move Up Mission by their coach when they are ready to advance to the next level. This is invitation only based on the coach's month to month evaluation. The Move Up Mission is a chance for gymnasts to show off skills they've been working on in class. Parents and family are invited to watch as we celebrate their accomplishments!

What else do I need to know?

It is important to remember that while a gymnast may be ready and invited to perform at a Move Up Mission, s/he may not successfully complete their skills during the ceremony and therefore will not receive their certificate of achievement and new level band. This promotes rewarding hard work and not merely participation. They will continue to be invited to the next ceremonies until they level up. Thus also rewarding determination and resiliency.
Rec Gymnastics Levels

What They Learn At Each Level

Level 1
Your child will learn physical skills like forward rolls and 360 spins with confidence, while also learning life skills such as how to obey safety rules and learning to be kind in class. 

Level 2
Students advance to learning combination skills such as 3 repeated jumps in this level while understanding rotations within the class and spatial awareness. 

Level 3
Your child is beginning to do harder skills on his/her own such as bar swings and cartwheels. This level also focuses on encouraging others while building self-confidence.

Level 4
This level teaches working through frustration as our students progress through combining skills like re-grip swings or a hurdle cartwheel. 

Level 5
Students can increase their tumbling passes with round-offs for power while beginning to notice their own strength and trying ‘scarier’ movements that they may have been nervous to try before.

Level 6
Your child will work on jump combinations in this level, is working on getting over the fear of going backwards, and can complete 5 consecutive pushups.

Level 7
While understanding the value of drills at this level, students can combine tumbling skills such as round-off back handsprings on the trampoline and tap swings on the bars. 

Level 8
Back walkovers on the low beam and tumbling onto a soft surface are the focus of this level. Your child will learn that confidence is half the battle and good technique is the rest. 

Level 9
Your child has advanced to round-off back handsprings on the floor and can do back/front tucks on the trampoline. At this level, your child knows to strive for clean technique and to improve the aesthetic of each movement, without feedback from a coach. 

Level 10
At this stage, students can recognize their own power and perform hard skills such as a fly away from the bars, can complete 5 chin-ups, and can even climb the rope without legs. This is the highest FUNdamentals level!