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Welcome Ms. Angie!

Matt Martin Wright's Academic Preschool Director

Wright's is BEYOND excited to introduce our Lead Preschool Teacher, Ms. Angie!

Angela D. Berezny, B.S.Ed., is a Ball State University Teacher’s College graduate with 24 years of experience in early childhood education. Having experience as both a lead teacher and as a director in various school settings has given her a unique perspective on how young children learn and thrive both in and out of the classroom. She has created curricula for several preschool programs and serves as our “Preschool Expert” on the Kids 360° Learning Academy advisory board.

Ms. Angie is passionate about giving young children a fun, positive learning environment that focuses on the whole child. To reach all types of learners with varying interests, you will see children in her classroom participating in center-based learning through PLAY. She believes that children learn best through hands-on activities that are relevant to their world. Your preschooler will leave Ms. Angie’s classroom not only with academic growth, but also with increased self-confidence and a love of learning that will carry them toward the next step in their learning journey.

Look for Ms. Angie’s “Teacher Corner” with tips and tricks you can try with your preschoolers at home as well as the latest trends in early childhood education! All signed with Ms. Angie's signature phrase “peace, love, and preschool”!

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