We are so excited to announce the launch of our new NinjaZone program for Ninjas in training! We’ve come up with a program that is skill based, fast-paced and geared just for little boys and girls on energy overload! Our Ninja training program will combine military style obstacle courses to develop strength and speed, gymnastics tumbling, and ‘ninja’ style moves just like what you would see in a video game or in the movies!

What Is Ninja?

The sport of Ninja is “To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth. To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks to elude an opponent.”​

Our skill curriculum is comprised of a clever combination of gymnastics, martial arts, freestyle movement and obstacle training. Beyond skill, our curriculum teaches:

  • Confidence
  • Community
  • Self-control

For success in school, sports, and life, a child that learns to channel their impulse and energy towards a focused goal that will help them succeed in all endeavors. There are currently five levels in the NinjaZone program; White, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Ninja Dress Code

Please wear both Ninja Headband & NinjaZone Uniform* Shirt to every class. Athletic shorts or sweatpants are allowed. Jeans are not permitted. Hair pulled back, if applicable, and no jewelry. Socks with grips are permitted.

Why is the NinjaZone Uniform Required?  

NinjaZone is here for the whole child. Body, mind, and spirit – which all mix together to create character and values. When a Ninja is given the responsibility to care for their uniform and is expected to bring and wear all pieces of it, Ninjas are learning the importance of discipline and being a part of a team. This is an essential first step in what children learn through Ninja Sport.

The uniform is also a requirement because the colored headbands and shirts allow Ninja Coaches to quickly know which level a Ninja has achieved and what skills they should be learning.

Lastly, a student’s apparel is very important to ensure safety. Specific items of clothing are worn to avoid snags or injury.

Ninja Headband (white level)
Ninja Headband (yellow level)
Ninja Headband (green level)
Ninja Headband (blue level)
Ninja Headband (purple level)

New students should register for Ninja White and we will group them according to age. Ninjas with mastery of skill combinations will be placed in either yellow or green. We are working hard to accommodate the growing interest. Many classes have already filled, but please place your request for the wait lists!

Ninjas, in an effort to promote discipline and unity, Ninja Sports International requires uniforms for all NinjaZone classes. Ninja HQ will ship your child’s uniform along with Top Secret tips from Ninja Nic, free of charge, directly to your home. Please click here to order your required official NinjaZone uniform.


Wright's Westfield

Wright's Westfield
NinjaZone Rig (ninja style obstacle course)

Ninja Rig on Site!

Wright's Center Grove
NinjaZone Rig (ninja style obstacle course)

Ninja Rig on Site!

NinjaZone Academy at Geist

NinjaZone Academy at Geist
NinjaZone Rig (ninja style obstacle course)

Ninja Rig on Site!

Wright's Gymnastics Nobesville

Wright's Gymnastics Noblesville
NinjaZone Rig Coming Soon!

Ninja Rig Coming Soon!