8 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas for Kids

Birthday Celebration Ideas

Aw snap, it’s your kiddo’s birthday coming up and it’s time to start brainstorming a clever birthday celebration, unlike any she has experienced before, bring on the anxiety… or not! Here are some awesome ways to celebrate your little one in some totally unique and fun ways!

Socially Distant Celebrations

  1. Car/Bike Parade
    • You may have seen this one all over the news already but if your kiddo hasn’t had their own version, don’t underestimate how special it can still be, especially if it’s a surprise! Set a date & time, text or email some close friends (10-15 make the perfect impact), and then have your child go outside for a surprise of a lifetime! You can encourage posters, balloons, streamers, inflatable T-Rex costumes, anything!
  2. Backyard/ Garage hangout
    • Still need to keep your distance but don’t want to skimp on the celebration? Setup in your backyard or even garage to allow for your child to be surrounded by a few close friends. Set up plenty of parameters, chairs 6 feet apart. Set up a mask decorating station, individually packaged treats, and plan some distant games like charades! 
  3. Video mashup
    • Reach out to your child’s friends and have them create a short video wishing happy birthday! You can even have them answer a question or two (What’s your favorite part about being friends with Tommy? etc.) and then mash them together into one long video celebration! iMovie is so easy to use for something like that. 
  4. Virtual Party
    • Plan a short (hour-long max) online party! Create a free e-vite to a virtual party for all of your child’s friends! Set up a time to catch up, make funny backgrounds, have a house scavenger hunt, play a trivia game, or have your child open presents. Friends can send presents ahead of time to your home. 

Celebrations like the Good Ole Days

  1. Fun location! 
  1. At your Home
    • Slumber party
      • Here is a way to really go overboard with an at-home slumber party! 
    • Movie party
      • Check out some ideas to go all out here

Celebrations at Home

  1. Decorate! 
    • Decorate their room with balloons, posters, streamers (bonus points if you do it when they are asleep!
  2. King/Queen for the day
    • Allow your child to make all the decisions for your household on their big day! What to eat, where to go, what to do, etc. You may be surprised at what they decide! 

Live in Indiana?

Check out this master list from Indy with Kids!

  • Whatever you decide will be great for your child! Don’t stress out over every little detail, your kiddo just wants to feel special and loved by you, and that is celebration enough!


By Lauren Lofgren

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